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Social Media Marketing and Analytic Suite with visualizations User Experience    |   Product Design    |    May 2017 - Present
Product Design
Nuvi Monitors Social Media Platform

Working as a User Experience and Product Designer, I have taken part in the complete redesign of the Monitors Enterprise system. Using Sketch I come up with visualizations and designs as to what the product should look like as new features are imagined and thought out.

Designing such features as time series data, edit monitor rules, comparison reports, and others I was able to get customer feedback by doing select user testing with many of the new features I would design. I would take that user feedback to eliminate any assumptions I might have had to then iterate further. I worked with companies such as Amazon, eBay, Business Wire, and others.

Other Works
Monitors Platform

During my time at Nuvi, which is now known as Brickfish, I have been able to work on all facets of our product. From small feature re-designs, up to full-on implementation of a new feature from the inception of the idea, I have learned a great deal about how important it is to design with the users in mind. Below are a couple of examples that briefly illustrate some of the projects I have worked on during my time at Nuvi.