Amazon Web Services - Tatonka 2018 Chicken Wing Contest Leaderboard

Leaderboard App for use in the Chicken Wing contest kickoff for the AWS re:invent developer conference Nuvi    |    November 2018
About the Project
The Tatonka Challenge

Every year, at the start of the Amazon re:invent Developer Conference, a celebratory kick-off event takes place.

A chicken wing contest bigger than any other, with hundreds of participants. An event this big would need a leaderboard to keep track of how many wings plates each contestant finishes.

Working with Amazon

By gathering all the initial information I could about the project, I started building low-fidelity mocks of what a one time use leaderboard could look like. After reviewing with Amazon with multiple phases and iterations, I was able to design a leaderboard that fit all of their needs which was passed off and sent to developers.